HBO Chamber Daily Inspection
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Routine chamber inspections are conducted to clarify proper chamber maintenance procedures and affect safe operation of all equipment utilized during HBO therapy and to ensure the safety of the environment in the hyperbaric medicine facility. 

All equipment utilized by the hyperbaric medicine facility is maintained through a program of regular preventative maintenance. The manufacturer during the regularly scheduled service contract maintains the hyperbaric chambers. Biomedical and other life sensitive equipment is serviced and maintained by the Hospital's Biomedical Engineering Department and are cleaned in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer.

All new equipment is examined and approved by the Hyperbaric Medicine Service Program Director and inspected and approved by Biomedical Engineering personnel prior to being placed into service. 

Each day and/or prior to the first treatment of the day, the daily chamber inspection should be performed. The inspections should be performed and documented for each chamber with the corresponding serial number. Inspections should be done every day the hyperbaric facility is open whether patients are being treated or not. 

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