Pathway Features

CliniPaths is built to support on the job learning and real-time access to evidence-based pathways at the point of care.

Pathway Library

Centralized repository for all knowledge and evidence-based best practices

Hospital Feed
Multimedia support


Easily add text, photos and videos to posts for better communication of problems

QR Code Access

Staff scan QR codes for instant access

QR Code
Multimedia support

Forms & Checklists

Improve procedure documentation and accountability.

Share Pathways

Publish and import pathways across departments, hospitals and institutions.

Post Types

Categorize posts for easy recognition and analysis

Feed types

Benefits of Centralized Pathways

  • Standardize best practices
  • Just-in-time training
  • Support staff at point-of-care
  • Reduce training costs
  • Document decisions and inputs
  • In-service training & onboarding
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