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How Care Teams Get Work Done

Empower teams at the point of care

CliniPaths is how clinical teams get work done.

Empower teams to improve care, share best-practices, and learn continuously.

Create or download a library of best-practice algorithms for education and decision support. Make your interactive algorithms accessible from any device, anytime, to anyone.

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Standardize processes
Save time
Reduce risk

SmartAlgorithms™ reimagine static algorithms for our interactive online world.

Sharing and Customization

SmartAlgorithms™ can be easily shared across departments and hospitals. Use the Marketplace to promote your brand, monetize algorithms or download best-practices.

Measurable Engagement

SmartAlgorithms™ seamlessly work on any device--or print. Process decisions and inputs are recorded for analysis, audits, process optimization and EHR output.

Plugin Library

Maximize your SmartAlgorithms™ with our expanding library of plugins: Tasks for recurring checklists, Quizzes for competency assessments...


Your SmartAlgorithms™ are always up to date with online publishing.

1. Create

The drag-and-drop interface is like creating print algorithms, except you can add videos, links, inputs--imagine going from 2D to 3D. Use editable templates or Marketplace downloads to start even quicker.

2. Publish

Collaborate with permissioned editors to publish SmartAlgorithms. Publish to internal Teams, shareable download links, or promote in the Marketplace to monetize your intellectual property.

3. Manage

SmartAlgorithms™ collect data for refining processes, revenue optimization and auditable billing documentation. Institutional process knowledge is centralized, searchable and auditable.

CliniPaths pathway collaborate
Knowledge Management

All your algorithms, tasks and checklists, online

Create a searchable repository of clinical knowledge, how-to videos, in service and onboarding training, checklists, quick references and guidelines. Managers can easily publish actionable content to their teams. We can help migrate your existing content.

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Task Management

Make sure everyone knows what, when and how to do it

Put your team on auto-pilot with recurring tasks associated to pathway instructions and form checklists. Monitor completion, form responses and be audit ready.

CliniPaths healthcare task list
CliniPaths pathway collaborate

Communications built for healthcare teams

Connect management, staff and teams across shifts, departments and hospitals, leading to better engagement and job satisfaction. Easily add text, photos and videos to real time team feeds.

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Share best practices with the community

Download and localize pathways from leading institutions. Monetize and share your best practices in the Community Marketplace.

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"I love having actionable best-practices available in my pocket. It's easier than bulletins, emails and team huddles. This helps me feel confident when caring for patients"
- Respiratory Therapist at Sutter Health

Overcome healthcare challenges related to evidence-based processes, ineffective information, and knowledge gaps

Centralize Knowledge

Searchable library of intuitive visual algorithms for any health care process.


Continuous learning at point of care for best practices to become standard practice.

Standardize Processes

Interactive step-by-step algorithms for point of care decision support.


Leverage algorithms as an educational resource with quizzes.

Auditable Compliance

Report on process execution, recurring tasks, checklists and pathway sessions.

Encourage Accountability

Turn your pathways into actionable tasks for your staff - schedule recurring tasks.

Equipment Support

Affix QR codes for easy point-of-care mobile access to videos, manuals and pathways.

Share Best Practices

Participate in a global marketplace of best practices from leading institutions.

Digitize Communications

Improve visibility into health care delivery across departments and hospitals.


Designed for every member of your care team

Healthcare Executive

I want to improve the bottom line by reducing turnover, training cost and risk.

Team Lead

I want to quickly train, educate and update my team on changing practices.

Quality Control

I want to ensure staff has access to the right information at the point of care.

Nursing Staff

I want to be supported at the bed side with clear work instructions.


I want updated decision support tools to deliver best-practice care.

Support Staff

I want work instructions and checklists on my phone for daily tasks.

At its simplest, CliniPaths digitizes daily paperwork, dusty procedure manuals and complex clinical decisions.

CliniPaths helps single or multi-site institutions create more manageable and consistent processes.
Forever free access for you and an unlimited number of team members. Create or import up to three pathways for your team. Post unlimited team messages. Upgrade to create an unlimited number of pathways, gain access to the task manager and other paid features.
Account administrators can toggle member's active status at any time. Inactive members will not be able to login. Active user count is registered at the end of the billing period.
Absolutely. All of your data is encrypted at rest and in transit using the same SSL technology that banks use. You have complete control over who can access your procedures, processes and policies. All of our data is stored on a cloud-based server and database that is PCI Level 1 compliant and backed up daily. Review our security policies in more detail.

We sure can! As an optional service, we can handle the workload of migrating all of your existing pathways into your new CliniPaths account.

Learn more about our Migration Service. We also have a Microsoft Word import tool that you can use yourself.

Nope. CliniPaths is completely web-based, so all of your standard operating procedures are stored in the cloud and accessible from anywhere.
We’re always available! Email us at or call us at +1 (650) 539-9883.

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