Empower clinicians to drive excellence

SmartAlgorithms™ for clinical teams

Bridging the gap between evidence and practice

Build a culture of standardization and continuous learning

Digitize clinical operations and learning

Your pathway to intelligent operations

Your path to cost-effective care

How Care Teams Get Work Done

Empower teams at the point of care

CliniPaths is how clinical teams get work done.

Empower teams to improve care, share best-practices, and learn continuously.

HIPAA-compliant workflow, communication and care automation. Streamline learning, drive best practices, and empower your staff with point-of-care access to critical information.


CliniPaths provides the tools to turn best practices into standard practice.

Enhanced Care Delivery

Smart pathways, our intuitive interactive algorithms, transform complex medical decisions into clear, actionable tasks, easily accessible at the point of care.

Optimized Clinical Outcomes

With real-time access to the latest evidence-based knowledge and best practices, clinicians can consistently align with the highest standards of medical excellence, driving better health outcomes.

Cost-Efficient Operations

Leverage our advanced task management tools and streamlining communication channels to enhance productivity and job satisfaction, reducing operational costs.


A seamless, integrated platform that lets you start fast and scale over time

Eliminate 25% to 65% of healthcare costs 1

with standardized care by avoiding unnecessary and costly procedures, diagnostic errors, and inefficient use of resources

Minimize clinician burnout and turnover...

from complex-decision making and lack of support that can lead to decision fatigue, frustration and errors

Reduce risks associated with non-compliance...

ensuring that your healthcare practices comply with changing regulatory standards and practices

Avoid $13,000 per medical error 2

that often result from variabilities in diagnosis which can be minimized with standardized diagnostic protocols

1. Lasalvia, “Maximize healthcare performance by reducing unwarranted variations”   2. Ledue, “Study: Medical errors cost U.S. economy almost $20 billion in 08”
Smart  Pathways

Standardize care with customizable interactive pathways

Create a searchable repository of clinical knowledge, how-to videos, in services, forms, competencies, checklists, quick references, policies, step-by-step guides and decision algorithms. Managers can easily publish actionable content to their teams.

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Workflow  Management

Make sure everyone knows what, when and how to do it

Optimize workflows with automated tasks and checklists, ensuring team coordination and flawless execution. Monitor task and form completions in real-time, promoting compliance and ensuring operations are audit-ready.


Streamline communication for healthcare teams

Bridge the gaps among management, staff, and teams across shifts and locations, fostering a culture of engagement and collaboration.

Our versatile HIPAA-compliant communication tools allow for the effortless sharing of multimedia feeds, ensuring that vital information is conveyed in a clear, engaging manner.

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Share best practices with the community

Download and localize pathways from leading institutions. Monetize and share your best practices in the Community Marketplace.

CliniPaths pathway collaborate

Empower your teams to save time and get more done.

Bring all your clinical knowledge, tasks, and teammates together.

Smart Pathways

Standardize care with interactive decision support algorithms and workflows.

Task Management

Manage team, individual, patient and recurring tasks--no more sticky notes.

Secure Messaging

Collaborate across teams with HIPAA-compliant messaging and video chat.

Training & Education

Measure learning with quizzes integrated into tasks and pathways.

Patient Profiles

Organize tasks, notes, patient-specific pathways by patients.

Video Calls

Simple, full featured multi-party video calls

EHR Documentation

Pathway inputs generate auditable history and encounter notes


Drag-and-drop form builder to gather input from staff, labs, referrers and patients.

HIPAA Compliant

CliniPaths is designed specifically for healthcare and HIPAA-compliance


Designed for every member of your care team

Scale your organization, improve collaboration, and deliver highly-reliable care with CliniPaths.

Healthcare Executive

I want to improve the bottom line by reducing turnover, training cost and risk.

Clinical Leadership

I want to ensure my team has the support necessary to deliver a high standard of care.

Clinical Educator

I want to quickly train, educate and update my team on changing practices.

Quality Control

I want to ensure staff has access to the right information at the point of care.


I want to be supported at the bed side with clear work instructions.


I want updated decision support tools to deliver best-practice care.

Our Commitment to You

CliniPaths is more than just a software solution. We’re a team of passionate clinicians dedicated to making every CliniPaths project a success. We support you every step of the way.

At its simplest, CliniPaths digitizes daily paperwork, dusty procedure manuals and complex clinical decisions.

CliniPaths helps single or multi-site institutions create more manageable and consistent processes.
Forever free access for you and an unlimited number of team members. Create or import up to three pathways for your team. Post unlimited team messages. Upgrade to create an unlimited number of pathways, gain access to the task manager and other paid features.
Account administrators can toggle member's active status at any time. Inactive members will not be able to login. Active user count is registered at the end of the billing period.
Absolutely. All of your data is encrypted at rest and in transit using the same SSL technology that banks use. You have complete control over who can access your procedures, processes and policies. All of our data is stored on a cloud-based server and database that is PCI Level 1 compliant and backed up daily. Review our security policies in more detail.

We sure can! As an optional service, we can handle the workload of migrating all of your existing algorithms, policies and processes into your new CliniPaths account.

Learn more about our Migration Service.

Nope. CliniPaths is completely web-based, so all of your standard operating procedures are stored in the cloud and accessible from anywhere.
We’re always available! Email us at support@clinipaths.com or call us at +1 (650) 539-9883.

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