Unify clinical and administrative healthcare

Whether you are on the frontline, a team lead or hospital executive, CliniPaths gives everyone peace of mind that best practices are being followed and tasks are getting done.

Managing clinical staff and tasks is difficult

For clinical managers, it is important to focus on higher level initiatives, and not micro-managing your staff on routine daily operations. CliniPaths enables managers to enhance staff performance, meet quality goals and minimize variabilities in care.

That’s why we built CliniPaths.

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CliniPaths replaces checklists, log books, procedure binders and paper!

CliniPaths makes it easy to digitize your institutions processes and improve staff accountability. Our intuitive app makes it simple to manage daily recurring tasks, support point-of-care decisions and communicate with staff.

We’d love you to try it and we believe that anyone can transform their department using CliniPaths to manage staff processes.

CliniPaths gives you greater transparency on your team

Whether you have 10 or 1,000 staff, CliniPaths will help your healthcare team perform at its best.

With live data at your finger tips, you’ll know precisely which routine tasks have been completed for the day, by whom and what remains outstanding.

Follow-up on incomplete tasks, provide feedback instantly and delegate an ad-hoc task seamlessly, on any device.

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CliniPaths will help you create an institutional "brain"

Critical clinical and operational knowledge often sits in the brains of a few individuals. Sharing knowledge across the institution facilitates continuous improvement, reduces unnecessary variation in care, and provides measurable quality improvements.

With CliniPaths your procedures are always up to date and accessible from any device.

Better care with CliniPaths

Deliver best-practice care with improved efficiency, reliability and collaboration.

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