Cultivate a culture of continous learning, collaboration and standardization.

CliniPaths empowers teams to deliver best-practice care, increase revenue, engage staff, and reduce turnover and onboarding costs.

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With record-high turnover in hospitals, the traditional approach to onboarding based on shadowing, in-services, procedure binders and classroom training is inefficient, ineffective, and costly.

CliniPaths team feeds and interactive algorithms engage and empower clinicians to learn best practices as they deliver care. This muscle memory type of learning is how best practices become standard practice. Quickly assign on-boarding curriculum and assessments based on live Pathways.

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Reduce turnover by increasing engagement, supporting clinicians and giving staff a voice.

Engage staff with Facebook-like feeds within a HIPAA secured environment. Team leaders can post announcements, recognitions, staffing calls and team members can respond. Help clinicians feel supported and confident at the bedside with a digital co-pilot.

Improve outcomes and revenue by elevating your standard of care

Whether you are on the frontline, serving as a team lead or a hospital executive, CliniPaths gives everyone peace of mind that best practices are being followed. Point of care interactive algorithms can be designed to minimize risk, maximize reimbursement, generate supporting documentation and improve patient outcomes.

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Create a searchable single source of truth

Load and tag all your assets--algorithms, guidelines, PDFs, links, etc. Combine this with tagged feed posts to create a comprehensive searchable knowledgebase. Across an organization this centralized information sharing can help break down silos and surface best practices.

Better care with CliniPaths

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