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Clinical Decision Support

Domain experts can easily create intuitive decision trees that clinicians will actually use at the point-of-care. Decision nodes support videos, documents and images to facilitate clinicians’ decisions. Pathway modifications can be rapidly rolled out to incorporate the latest evidence and local requirements. Give your frontline clinicians the expert support they need at the bedside.

Clinical Decision Support

Forms & Checklists

Ensure consistent, positive patient outcomes with checklists. Checklists are a simple and effective way to standardize processes, deliver consistent care and enhance quality and safety. Leverage checklists in pathways, tasks and forms.

Quality Control

Save time, reduce risks and standardize processes. Ensure consistent quality with the latest evidence-based point of care pathways. Improve performance and accountability with integrated task management and checklists. Review pathway usage to monitor adherence and metrics.

Quality control
Medical Equipment Documentation

Equipment Maintenance

Create recurring tasks with checklists to manage periodic maintenance of equipment. The task may be associated with a pathway to provide details on maintenance procedure. Maintenance task completion and documentation are recorded for manager review and audit purposes.

EHR Documentation

As clinicians navigate through the pathways, the system documents the decision making process, which can be easily copied into EHR notes. Demonstrating complex decision making and adhering to pathways addressing CMS quality measurements can generate bottom line benefits.

Clinical Decision Support
Task Management

Manage Tasks

We have adapted and simplified task management best practices to address the unique requirements of healthcare. Tasks can be associated with pathways and are accessible from any device.

Training & Onboarding

Assign trainees live protocols (e.g. pathways) as tasks with follow-up Q & A quiz. Quiz answers can be reviewed by managers and provide proof of periodic skills assessment. Trainees can submit comments on the pathway or quiz for review and/or reply by the manager.

Healthcare Competency
Medical Equipment Documentation

Equipment Documentation

New equipment, software and usage protocols are constantly being rolled out. Help your clinicians stay on top of changes and quickly find needed information at critical care moments. Scan a QR code affixed to any device to instantly bring up all the necessary documentation--usage videos, staff comments, manuals, vendor and internal contacts.

Print Documentation

Print or export pathway detail for policy and procedure documentation, and audit purposes.


Pathway Marketplace

Purchase and customize pathways from leading institutions. Share and/or monetize your clinical knowledge by listing your pathways in the Marketplace.

EHR Integration (coming soon)

Optimize clinician workflows directly in your EHR to deliver better care, more efficiently.

EHR Integration
QR Code

QR Code Access

Staff can instantly access knowledge from tablet or mobile. Affix QR codes to equipment, binders, walls, wherever there is need to link to knowledge.

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